Pharaoh Health and Rehab Provides Flexible Treatment Options To Assist In Your Recovery

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Pharaoh Health and Rehab Provides Flexible Treatment Options To Assist In Your Recovery

Pharaoh Health and Rehab strives to help patients heal as quickly as possible. The company takes a holistic approach to help patients enjoy long term benefits. All the treatment is designed to help improve your health and ensure that you meet your performance goals. Pharaoh has an experienced team that is committed to helping patients regain their expected quality of living. The staff uses recent technological advancements to assess different health problems. You can search Pharaoh’s Chiropractic Clinic to see how their services can help you take back what’s most important.


In a little over a year, Pharaoh Health has become a successful small business. The company strives to enhance the chiropractic industry. Delivering high quality personal care is a priority. Pharaoh Health and Rehab provides flexible patient care. You have the option to choose the time and setting. Pharaoh recognizes that every situation is unique. That’s why they have developed custom treatment and rehabilitation programs to help every patient feel comfortable.

Featured Treatment Options


The Pharaoh staff uses multiple techniques to treat ailments. The team of licensed professionals will use their hands to apply pressure to your joints. Chiropractic treatment helps improve your range of motion through relieving tension.

Sports Injuries

There is several years’ worth of research that shows the possible long term damage that playing sports can do to the body. The staff will assess short term solutions to alleviate your pain, while also developing a long term prevention strategy.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy involves using hands on techniques to loosen tight regions on your body. The staff incorporates Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization to pinpoint sensitive tissue and joints. The result is improved range of motion throughout your body as well as reduced swelling.


Pharaoh uses cupping techniques to stimulate inflamed tissues. The technology improves your mobility and strengthens your neuromuscular system. Cupping is used to treat several types of medical conditions.

Physical Rehab

General rehab is used to help restore your mobility through focusing on the main cause of your pain. You will exercise using a strict plan designed to help you recover as soon as possible.

Electrical Treatment

Pharaoh uses electrical treatment to help analyze the signals developed from your neurons. The objective of the treatment is to improve blood flow throughout your muscles. Improved blood flow can help damaged tissues recover quickly.


Pharaoh utilizes multiple taping techniques to assist patients. The tape will stabilize sensitive areas and minimize swelling. Taping also alleviates stress on a joint while enhancing muscle contractions. Tape can help your injury heal faster.

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